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Ahem so… It is my one year blogversary today. It’s bit hard to believe it has already been a year since I started this blog but here we are. To celebrate, I shall post some Photoshop resources and maybe a few other things. I hope you like them. Enjoy. :) 

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Title: a cathedral where you cannot breathe
Pairing: Choi Young Do/Rachel Yoo, hints of Rachel/Lee Hyo Shin
Fandom: The Heirs
Rating: Will go up to NC-17. Language and sexual references. 

She grows her bangs out in autumn.

It makes him go off page, for a whole second on their broken timeline, and reach out to finger the edges of the long strand, gingerly, like he can’t help the impulse but tried to temper it in before surrendering to it seconds later. “You look different.”


Summary: "Did you really think you could walk away from this unscathed? That I’d let you?" — She honestly can’t stand it sometimes, how he can just waltz in, looking the part of a fixture, half belonging, half homecoming, and expect her to oblige. — Choi Young Do/ Rachel Yoo. Post series.

White ricecake ahjussi. Can I borrow 10 dollars from you?